IT outsourcing Bulgaria: Overview and advantages

IT outsourcing Bulgaria: Overview and advantages

  • While offshoring to remote destinations had been the rule of thumb for long decades of outsourcing mostly to India and East Asia, nearshore outsourcing is becoming an ever more viable option.
  • In the case of major European companies nearshoring refers to choosing outsourcing partners within regional, more manageable geographic distances at a more affordable price than local wages.
  • Eastern Europe is increasingly emerging as an outsourcing hub in the region and outsourcing destinations like Bulgaria are a logical and cost-effective choice for companies who would like to transfer parts of their workloads abroad.

In the past several years Bulgaria’s role on the outsourcing landscape (IT outsourcing  Bulgaria) has been gaining positive attention. In the 2011 Shifting Geography of Offshoring index, A. T. Kearney Global Services claim that : “The winners in Europe are Bulgaria and Romania, which continue to stay comfortably in the upper half of our index, at 17th and 25th, respectively. They are members of the European Union but with lower cost profile than most other member states, which makes them the new offshoring stars in Europe”.

IT outsourcing Bulgaria Ranks 17th

Just a year after this prediction: at the end of 2012 Bulgaria ranked 17th in the list of most promising Business process outsourcing destinations (according to BPM watch) and formed BAO- the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association. Currently, the Association has 15 member companies: a mixture of local Bulgarian businesses and branches of international outsourcing giants like Adecco and IBM.

The past two years have proved there is both an increasing international interest in Bulgaria as an outsourcing destination and a long list of outsourcing advantages.

1. A brilliant Offshoring and Nearshoring newcomer:

In 2013 marketing expert Brandon Gaille cited Bulgaria as the 4th most attractive outsourcing destination for US companies (after India, Indonesia and China).

2. Expert skills and innovation:

The language capabilities within Bulgarian outsourcing companies often include at least one other European language besides English. There are even people who offer much more rare language combinations, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Furthermore, there are a large number of IT professionals and schools traditionally offer high quality education in maths and technology- Bulgarian students often rank among the most skillful participants in undergraduate International math and technology competitions.

Even Forbes magazine praises the country in its article How Central Eastern Europe Is Transforming From Outsourcing To A Real Tech Hub by putting it in the list of 7 countries from the region who “are famous for their human capital and innovation”.

3. Experience and affordability:

Many international companies have chosen Bulgaria for a variety of outsourcing services- from BPO to KPO and even legal outsourcing. Local companies are building an excellent set of capabilities which, despite the country’s membership in the EU, is still offered at a more affordable price than larger outsourcing hubs in the region like Poland.

Bulgaria is becoming an increasingly attractive outsourcing destination with a lot to offer in terms of skills and expertise and a lot of additional advantages like Internet infrastructure (Bulgaria ranks second in the world in terms of global Internet speed with average speeds of 1,909KBps) and access to EU markets.

If your company is within Europe, the nearshoring advantage is that you can easily manage the outsourcing process by making regular meetings with our outsourcing partner in person and ensuring you are on the same page.

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